About ME

My previous positions of responsiblity, work experiences, and current volunteering roles

Software Engineer,
Odessa Technologies

Working on Lessor Modules for Odessa LeaseWave 5.0

Project Engineer
Intern, TCS

Scrapping an Automated Amazon Price Tracker bot platform

Web Developer Intern,
Techno India Group

Worked on a responsive full-stack Website, App Design for Hackathon

Gold Microsoft LS
Ambassador, India

Global group of Campus Leaders. Heading robust tech communities

Google Cloud Ready
Facilitator, GCloud Edu

Helping students from over 140 colleges learning Google Cloud.

Machine Learning
Summer Trainee

Worked on Comparative Study of Gender Recognition from Audio.

Mentor & Instructor,
Coding Blocks Junior

Taught over 200 Juniors GDevelop, MIT Scratch Block Development

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Langauges, tools and frameworks I have worked with. Event management, public speakig and content writing Skills I obtain.

Programming Languages


C, C++


HTML, CSS, BootStrap

SASS, Jquery



Software Tools

Git, Jekyll


Postman, Hoppscotch

Visual Studio

Heroku, Netlify

Adobe Illustrator, XD

Google Cloud API Console

Libraries & Frameworks


Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib

Keras, ScikitLearn, TF


React, Vue



Content Management


Wordpress CMS



Photoshop, AI

Soft Skills

Event Management

Public Speaking, Audience Engagement


I find interest working on FrontEnd Development, PWAs, Python Web Apps, & Data Science. Worked with several Websites, ML & Python Script Visualizations.

Covidoff Leads Helpline Portal

Covidoff is a Helpline Portal for Covid affected covering all the necessary lead inforamtion and sync the data with a realtime Python Database. Implemented a Twitter ML verified Retweeter Bot

EduLive Aid Class Management

EduLive is a Virtual Class Management Portal with Embedded Regional Tutorials, added access tools extensions, option for online resource sharing to help professors arranging classes in Pandemic.

Qwiklabs Progress Generator

A Streamlit Python Web Application to generate real time Qwiklabs progress along with Quest, SkillBadge statistics and milestone based Auto-Badge Generator forthe Participants enrolled.

Gender Recognition from Audio

Comparative ML Model on Gender Recognition based on Acoustic properties of speech, tested with seven different Algos. Working on adding Noise Cancellation and Age-Group Separation.

EduFlex Internship & Job Portal

Developed a frontend responsive Internship and Job Search portal for students and reqruiters. Currently implementing backend and collecting real data for better utilization.

Code Tigers Hackathon Website

A responsive full stack website for the Decov Hackathon participants, helping them logging in, navigating through the event, submissions for different rounds, result declaration.


I love helping out the Community in one way or another. Arranged over 15 events for the Freshers and 3 Major Workshops. Collaborated with communities like
MLSA - IIT Patna, DSC TIB, GirlScript WB, Girlscript SRM Chennai and many more

Python WebApp with Streamlit

Streamlit is one of the most growing Python Framework that helps in visualization along with a integrated Hosting Platform. In this event I went through the basics to build a Python Webapp.

Beginner guide to Git & GitHub

Github is undoubtedly one of the most Important and integrated part of the software development everyone is not aware of the true potential. Here, I tried to place a mirror to the development world

Hosting Website with GH Pages

We all want to host our Websites. But set back as domains are costly. Github came to rescue with their integrated Hosting Services called Github pages. Event this website is also hosted there.

Functional Concepts of C++

C++ is a multiparadigm, systems-level language that provides high-level abstractions with very low runtime cost. With its OOPS potential serves us a great way to implement functional logics.

Decrypting Everything in CS

While Starting our careers, there are chances that we are not even aware of a field that might suit us the best. I tried to cover almost all the fields that are thre to explore in the field of CS

Clous Computing with Azure

The more the internet grow in future, more the clouds will conquer the regular computation. In this event, I tried to present an integrated view of Cloud Computing and its amazing fucntionalities

Git, GitHub & OpenSource

While many of the normal Github users feel that it is a bit tidious with the UI, they might not know the power of Git CLI and how it can make one's experience of OpenSource a lot more friendly

Website with Wordpress CMS

It is possible that you might not know concepts of web development but eagerly want your own website that you can manage without a single line of code. Here is your Stairway to 'Web'en

Canva & Open Source

Having the sense of Design is one of the most key points to present yourself better and Canva is the perfect match for you. Build your Software world with Github and present using attractive canvas